Too many borders on my model

I’m getting to the final stages of my model, and I went to DupeBorder to notice that instead of having 3, I have actually got 7

I’ve only recently started learning this software so I’m trying to make sure I don’t pick up any bad habits while it’s still fresh

  1. Is having these rogue boards an issue?
  2. Do you know how I got to the point where these have appeared?

I’ve been going through this tutorial. This is my first, so maybe that was a mistake

How it looks:

The borders I duped out:

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Hello - please post a file with the object and input curves.


Here is the file
CocktailRing.3dm (940.6 KB)

Hello - so, there are naked edges in the object, you can locate these using ShowEdges. What this means is that the edges of the various surfaces are too far away from one another in those location to Join at the current file tolerance. The ‘middle’ surface on either side needs to be matched (matchSrf) to the surfaces above and below it:

ExtractSrf that surface and Untrim it, then MatchSrf for Position or tangency to the edges of the neighboring surfaces. You will need to use the ChainEdges option for selecting the target surface edges. See Help on the MatchSrf command - you’ll also need ‘Match by closest points.’

CocktailRing_EdgesFixed.3dm (171.0 KB)


Thank you for the response. I have been trying matchSrf command, but haven’t figured it out completely just yet

I’ll keep looking. I appreciate the fixed file, too. Helps to see that it is doable