Too heavy model after baking (105.0 KB)
the script is too heavy after baking
please tell me how to make the data more light.

Best, Keisuke

This is a data matching issue,

You have 410 panels per face of your massing forms with a total count of 3280:

But then you are feeding the vectors for Direction from a flattened list of 2000 values:

This results in you now having 2000 panels (many probably overlapping) per massing form surface instead of 410 panels.

You can use a “List Length” component for your “Repeat Data” Length input, this will only repeat the data as many times as is necessary per branch count.

Note that the solution still takes 2 seconds so its quite slow but better than ~10 seconds and your data is matched now.

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Thank you!
Everything has been resolved!
One thing I would like to confirm is that after outputting the data to the model, it decreased from 400MB to 40MB.
Although the appearance hasn’t changed, is it correct to understand that the data became lighter because the model lost some information it had?

Best, Keiksuke

Most likely this is because you significantly reduced the count of actual panels being refrenced/baked in both GH and Rhino.

Some data is more light weight than others, for instance points are quite small file size but breps/surfaces and other geometry can increase the file size both for referenced items in GH and for baked items in Rhino.