Too far from the centre: what does it mean?

In AutoCAD you have ‘units’ and in your mind you decide what they represent but if I remember right, Rhino uses empirical units: a meter is a meter and a centimetre is a centimetre etc. So how does Rhino determine how far is too far from the origin and starts losing the plot? For example, I create something 500 metres long, if my units are metres that’s not a lot but if my units were millimetres, that would be 500,000. I suppose I am asking: does the maximum distance Rhino can safely work in exist as an actual distance or is it based on the number of whatever units you happen to be working in? Also what is the safe limit?

Hi Tone- think of the number, not the ‘real’ distance. I do not, off hand, know what the ‘limit’ is in any official way, but I’d try to keep things in the ten or maybe hundred thousands of units at the outside.


OK, Pascal. Thanks for the answer.

I always work in mm and often have objects spread over distances in excess of 150m (150,000mm) and as yet have not had any problems in 15+ years of using Rhino