ToNurbs creates a disjoint polysurface

Interesting experiment:

  1. Create a number of separate simple non-overlapping closed mesh objects like boxes or spheres.
  2. Join those into one disjoint mesh.
  3. Use ToNURBS to turn them into faceted NURBS objects
    (ToNURBS is supposed to replace MeshToNurb in V7)

Presto, you now have one closed but disjoint polysurface… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

CreateRegions does indeed separate them after, but I thought it was interesting to note. MeshToNurb does not create disjoint polysurfaces from disjoint meshes. If MeshToNurb is going to disappear after awhile, maybe this particular situation needs to be looked at/accommodated.

Hi Mitch- thanks, I’ll check it.
RH-62674 ToNurbs: Disjoint brep from disjoint mesh