Tolerances problem with flowsrf

hi guys,
I’m having trouble with the Flowsrf.
the general tolerance is 0.001mm
working on a 600x600x1.8mm shape the flow gives me a resulting brep where the internal edges have 0.2mm tolerance.
because of this I’m not able to give a closed model to the mold maker.
there’s anything that can be done to improve the resulting tolerance?
the 3D model is under disclosure so can’t be shared.

Hello - probably not, is my guess of the moment…but please post a file or send to for a look.


I wrote you an email with the file.
I’m waiting to understand.

Hello - did you write to I did not see it - did someone else respond?


yes, thanks!
@Giuseppe already answered me explaining me how to solve the problem.
the target srf was rebuilt with 2 creases.
tweaking the Cvs worked very well giving me a perfect b result.

Was on S.B. Pascal. I "Hijacked " it… didn’t even realized it was my friend Riccardo…

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