Tolerance issue

My definition creates triangle frames.
At same elements Solid union fails. If I change the tolerance from 0.001 to 0.01 those elements which was wrong become OK, but others fail. Since it is high number of elements I cannot always chnage the tolerance and check whether the result is OK. Is there way to set the tolerance within Grasshopper?
Any suggestion for getting good results always? (35.3 KB)

You can script Booleans using python or c#. Then you can set the tolerance in your script

:frowning: I cannot use python or any high level language (9.5 KB)

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Thank you. It is very kind of you!

I guess solid difference depends also from the tolerance as well. Can you help me with a Python scrip in the same fashion please? (9.8 KB)


wow, that 's really cool! Thank you!

what is the reason that Solid Union does not create closed brep even if I try every tolerance ranging from 1.0 - 0.001 (18.6 KB)

It is not a problem of tolerance , some faces are not planar , so you need to fix your geometries

Well, working in mm it does(you may want to check your values):