Toggling Command Prompt

So, normally when I type something in rhino, it goes into the command bar. Now, I want to use letter keys(A,S,D,etc.) on the keyboard as hotkeys. But in order to do that I need toggle off the command bar so that every time I press a key it doesn’t go into the command bar. Is there a way to activate and deactivate the command bar quickly so that I can use my letter hotkeys and when I wanna type into command bar in can do that by quickly activating it first.

Hello - letter keys + Enter can be used as aliases, but they need Enter. For single-key ‘hot keys’ use F keys and modified (Ctr, Shift, etc) keys. These are set in Options > Aliases and Options > Keyboard, respectively. Neither should depend upon the command prompt being visible. But you can toggle the command prompt using

CommandPrompt Show=Toggle


So, I’m using t-spline for rhino and as you can see, I can set letters as single hotkeys. Are there any way of quickly toggling the commandprompt? Can I set showing and hiding the commandprompt as an aliase?