Toggle text dots?

more silly questions :slight_smile:
I did google first but can’t find an on/off toggle for text dots ?

I have unrolled a surface and would like to turn off the numbered dots, not delete them just toggle.


You can use this macro:
_SelDot _Hide
It’s possible to easily assign a keyboard shortcut (or alias) to this macro:

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wow that was a fast reply,
Thank you I’ve not used assign yet so thats 2 things you’ve taught me today :slight_smile:



not as easy as I thought , do I need to add a macro script or is typing in the command enough ?
It doesn’t seem to work for me .


Hi @fragged8,

It looks like there is a typo in the screen shot: The command is _SelDot _Hide, not _SeldDot _Hide. Also, remember to put a space between _SelDot and _Hide



If you want to use it in command line, first you need to run SelDot and then Hide.
Running Show command will bring the hidden text dots back.

P.S. you can use Ctrl+H and Ctrl+Alt+H to run Hide and Show command.

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Thank you @Mahdiyar and @DavidEranen that cured it , I did clock the space and took it out DOH ! but thought the other ‘d’ should ahve been there .
All working now, that is going to make things a little easier when I have about 200 dot heeh

Thank you


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If you want to take it one step further, you can show dots that are hidden with

! _ShowSelected _SelDot _Enter