Toggle Switch On/Off Wire

Is there a way to control the connexion between two components?

I’m using Human UI and I’m trying to create an interface to paramater some components from a Human window. But some components have particular default parameters.

For example, I’m trying to do that with the psychometric chart, and I’m having problems with the “passiveStrategy” input. In fact, the default paramater is a “no data” list. I tried to create an empty list (list of “nulls”) but this doesn’t work (the psychometric chart doesn’t accept this input).

I’m thinking that with a component which can switch on/off a wire, the problem could be fix. For example, in this case, if no paramater are checked from the “StrategyList”, I could switch off the wire so that the “psychometricChart” component understand that there isn’t any passive strategy.

More over, this could be very useful for other things.

Anyone knows how to fix that issue?

an empty list is not the same as a list of nulls… try cleaning/flattening your list of nulls, does that behave the same as no items checked in the checklist?

To address your general suggestion, it is impossible to switch a wire on/off - wires have no “on/off” property, only components do. You can use metahopper to programmatically enable/disable components, however.

Ok it works with the cleaning component, thanks, nice one !

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