Toggle multiple items previews simultaneous on/off across the canvas


I have a question regarding preview of elements.
If I would like to toggle between the preview on/off of multiple element (nodes) quite frequently, however the nodes are scattered wide acros the canvas. Is there a simple manner to toggle these specific items on/off?

Offcourse I know I can make a group selection, and toggle all element off. But what if there are also some items in between which you dont want to toggle off at the same time?

For example I want to toggle on off the highlighted 4 items…

thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

So I guess this didn’t work for you after all?


haha yes it did work :slight_smile:.

However, I noticed that multiple colors dont always help to make the part which you are modeling more clear…

So for instance, I am modelling just a specific part in a bigger model, I would like to set 90% of the rest of the structure temporary off, to see if the new part(s) is/are in the correct way modeled. After which I would like to toggle the rest of the model again onn.

(and yes I do use the colors also, but more in a way as layers in autocad work ) :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

thanks again!

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