Toggle control points on and off keeping selection

editing a surface with the grid of control points, to see how I am doing I need to hide the grid and control points then unhide them but still have the points selected.
Is this possible ?

I also wish to reduce a bump but whilst there is smoothing for U and V I could do with smoothing for N.

How does one smooth a bump out ? I have selected points and nudged N in and out in the past, but wish for a softer transition than doing it a few points at a time.

I have a square cornered bump on my compound curve surface and wish to make it more rounded so I am trying to take the control points at the corners and bring them down to the level of those around them.
Imagine a hill rising up out of the ground, I want a round type hill, I currently have a squarish hill !


Not without a custom tool, such as as script. You might look here.

Take a look at SoftEditSrf.

I have searhced that list of Pascals goodies but words control dont find the answer then I also tried hide and nothing.

I also visually scrolled down, didnt see what I needed though.

I also could dp eith hiding the grid and control points whilst I adjust them as the grid and points spoil my ability to see exactly what effect I am having, so togggle on/off the grid and points keeping them live might answer this as well as if they are live, my adjustments by pulling and pushing or adjusting sliders would show in real time.


Maybe try creating a copy of your display mode that doesn’t show control points (and grid)? I like to assign my most-used display modes to hotkeys, that makes it easy to switch back and forth. For example: