'Toggle annotation scaling' button won't work

Hi everybody,

By me, the button ‘Toggle annotation scaling’ (1) doesn’t work as it was in v5.


Enable/Disable from the ‘Document Properties > Annotation Styles’ (2) works fine though.

I tried to create an alias with the dashed " -DocumentProperties AnnotationStyles " command, but it stays kinda stuck at this level and doesn’t provide any sub-options like Toggle=Yes/No.

Do someone can reproduce the same issue?

Many thanks!

Hello - that button is not in the V6 toolbar- are you using one moved over from V5? In any case, to make this in V6 the macro would be like this:

! _-DocumentProperties _AnnotationStyles _ModelSpaceScaling _EnterEnd

! _-DocumentProperties _AnnotationStyles _LayoutSpaceScaling _EnterEnd


Hi Pascal,

Thank you for your reply.
Indeed, I moved from v5. Unfortunately the macros dont work, it returns ‘Unknown command’: