To keep the Detail view in layout even if the model changes

I add a detail view created using a standard view on a layout view.

when the model changes, the detail view is lost.
But, I dont want this to happen.

Yes, I know that detail view is of the model.

To solve this, I would like to capture the detail view onto a clipboard and place it as an image, so that even if the model changes the detail view would be present on the layout.

Can someone help me on these lines.

Hi @HepChan,

What most users do is create a new layer for the new geometry. And then turn the layer off in the details that they don’t want to see it. Check the Rhino help file for information on the Layer command.

Does this help?

– Dale

I still haven’t looked into this suggestion. will get back once i have tried it out. thank you.

Meanwhile i have two queries:

I display text in detail viewport using DisplayConduit (text height 6, font Arial)

When the layout is zoomed in and out, the font size stays the same.
I understand this as i have set a constant height value.
What is the good calculation to get the text height vary according to the zooming?

when the layout is printed, the text is miniscule or not visible in size?
What needs to be set or done to get the text in the right height when taken a printout?

Can you provide the code to your conduit?

– Dale

   class DrawConduit : Rhino.Display.DisplayConduit
  private readonly RhinoViewport m_vp;

   public DrawConduit(RhinoViewport vp)
        m_vp = vp;
    protected override void DrawForeground(Rhino.Display.DrawEventArgs e)
        if (e.Viewport.Id != m_vp.Id)
        e.Display.Draw2dText("Test', Color.Black, pt, true, 6, "Arial");


 DrawConduit dc = new DrawConduit(detail.Viewport);
 dc.Enabled = true;

‘e.Viewport’ is of the detail viewport and not layout.

Everything you ever wanted to know about layouts.

The section on annotation scale is probably what you want to view.

– Dale

Hi HepChan.

I believe this is very easily accomplish with ViewCaptureToFile and PictureFrame command. You can capture the detail, and attached it as PictureFrame to the layout, You could also render, and attached the image to the Layout. That is all I can suggest.

Text height is the true height of the object (annotation scale off) or it is scaled to be exactly the print height in the details. (Annotation scale on). You get the choice in how you prefer to work and this is a per model setting…
As Dale said, it sounds like you need to spend some time looking at the layout feature together with annotation and details scaling, but specifically the info on annotations scale, this video.

My guess if you text is too small, that annotations scale is on, but the text height is very small. Increase the text height in object properties, and you should be good.
Please post your model if you continue to have problems.

Mary Fugier