To get rid out of a surface seam in a closed self surface

Rid out of a surface seam.
I have an open surface made with Loft operation and that surface (as any closed self surface) has a seam where the start and end edges meet each other. When I try to split that surface along curves using the “Surface Split” component as result get a lot of distinct surfaces divided along that seam. Okay, I can apply the “Join Brep” component which joins surfaces in fact into a poly surface, but there is a problem when I am trying to use that poly surface in the “Offest Surface” component, often it doesn’t work with Brep at all (just with a mono surface).
There is some solution, for instance, to rotate the surface so as the seam goes out of that being trimmed area, but if it’s impossible when there is a huge amount of trimming curves and anyone will have the seam
My question is there some solution to get rid out of that horrible seam? (27.4 KB)

Parakeet or sasquatch plugin has “Offset Brep” feature.

Or if you are comfortable with scripting, then you can implement this method in rhinocommon. (31.9 KB)

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Excellent! Thank you!