To flatten my Ribs or to Graft Them

Hi Guys,

Question here regarding grafting and flattening as it relates to attractors.

The Goal image is what I am after.

The Not Flattened image shows whats happening as I move the attractor around.

The Flattened Image shows what happens when I flatten the specific component, but the problem is is that the interpolate treats the points as continous (obviously as I flattened the tree).

I can’t seem to understand why the attractor treats the non-flattened points that way. I am also unsure if I am approaching this correctly to get the result I want.



Rib (7.5 KB)

Your data structure has a tiny issue. Please internalize the curve and post the Grasshopper file


All you need to change is flatten the N input of the Bounds component.

Without flattening the N input, the source domain is taken from each section. But in this case what you need is a domain of all distances combined, thus you have to flatten the N input.

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Man, I was close…Thanks so much for the help! :grinning:

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