To display "mesh color bar" in Rhinoceros?

I want to know a method to display “mesh colorbar” in Rhinoceros
and the method to zero the center of the colorbar. (11.7 KB)

The above is a program
Mesh and numerical value become known.

The indication to the first Rhinoceros
I want to obtain such a result


Negative is displayed by orange when I remain present program

There was a similar thing on a internet,but did not work well.

Thanking you in advance. I need your help!

The range of your number is not symmetrical on both sides with zero as it’s center.
If so, you could use graphmapper to extend of positive range. (16.5 KB)


You’re very kind. It is the program that I want found

Numerical value is that the minus becomes all colored it in the case of “plus”, how is it good?

In addition, colorbar of “1 to 0” appears when I display colorbar on Rhinoceros. (17.2 KB)

I need your help.Thank you!

It seems you don’t know much about the Remap.
There are many other way to remapping your numbers, Graph mapper is just one way and if it does not fit to your case, find and try another way.

20180901_GH-Q_colorbar_re_re (19.6 KB)

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You are very kind!
I learn a little more about Remap.
Thank you!