To cut a pipe

hello!!! I create a pipe, and I need it to be cut either in the middle, or (best) a little more than the middle… I f I use an iso line, the line “turns” around, and don’t cut the shape in the middle (see the jpg)… thank you for help!!!

In theory, just draw a straight line ( at start or end point ) perpendicular to your spiral curve, then sweep 1 " Road like Top" , you should get your cutter on right way, you could adjust the “cutter” placement just by moving line.

Can you attach your file ?

well, I’m afraid I don’t do correctly the process!! here is my file… thank you!!

you can also sweep the halved profile curve directly. you dont have to split and close the surface then. i slightly extended the curve. you can cut of the rest which dont need and cap it.

tobogan-forum.3dm (4.0 MB)

i could not resist simulating a brief gravity path on it. i included the file. its just for a visual understanding of course on how bumpy the pipe may act.

gravity-trace.3dm (1.1 MB)

Hello - I’m not sure if I get exactly where you want the split but possibly it’s what I have in the attached file.

  1. Ribbon on the pipe curve, BothSides=Yes
  2. ExtendSrf the result a little on the ends (Or extend the curve first)
  3. Explode the pipe and use SrfSeam to move the seam as marked by the arrow - i.e. move it away from the split location.
  4. Rejoin
    5.BooelanSplit with the ‘ribbon’. (2.0 MB)


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Arrgh, That’s what i suspected, the sweep create crappy twisted rotations on turns .

I recreated Pipe with sweep and several round sections to keep better control on seam , isocurves will be more smooth now.

you can use iso to cut or to create cutter surface with.

tobogan-forum4.3dm (7.4 MB)