Tips for modelling with subD

I am looking at the new SubD features in the 7 WIP. I watched the few videos available on youtube about subd modelling and I would like to ask how does one approach modelling this sink:!A327500000

Using the traditional methods in rhino 6 I would start with a rectange, modify the shape using loads of fillets, some Boolean differences and eventually I will get quite close to the actual model.

With the subD I think modelling a sink like this would be much easier and fast. My approach is do a rectangle from where I start to remove material.
First approach was to create the walls and the base using traditional method (with right angles). Later I used the “Quad Remesh” to create a subd object (the model in green), later I did a cylinder for the faucet and Boolean difference it from the subD sink (this created some extra faces which form what I am reading on the topic is not great, any idea why this is happening?).
In this approach I am not very satisfied with the corners of the sink. They have different thickness from the rest of the walls.
Secondly is there a better way than mine to do the slope at the base of the sink? I selected the 24 faces at the base and moved them in Z direction, later I selected a smaller array and moved in slightly down, followed my another move in Z direction selecting the center 4 faces. I would assume this is not ideal.

My second approach was starting straight with subD modelling however I got stuck when creating the thickness of the sink walls. Somehow I have to offset them inwards but can’t get my head around how to do that.

In red I have marked a try where I “Insert an Edge” by selecting the outermost lines on the top face of the cuboid. This creates this funny quads in the corners, which in my opinion are creating the problems I have with the extrusion of the sink walls.

Any help and tips will be much appreciated!

sink.3dm (3.0 MB)

Hi @t.donov94 I liked your idea and made a little video, hopefully it helps :slight_smile: