Tips and Tricks for reusing Grasshopper scripts?

I was wondering what are your methods for reusing previous grasshopper scripts. Hope that browsing the folders to find that one piece of logic built 3 months ago only to find that it doesn’t quite fit can be avoided.

Is that a necessary evil, is clustering nodes the way to go or have you seen some other methods for storing “repositories” of grasshopper scripts?

In the absence of a good search engine, good are the snippets. Here you have three plugins for it.


Great examples, but I think it shouldn’t only be constrained to the grasshopper interface. It would be good to have it for example directly in Rhino. How difficult would be it be ‘escape the grasshopper jail’?

Also, most of them seem error-prone as most such snippets will require extra configuration like specifying input values/types. It would be great if there was a tool, which is more ‘declarative’ and does more work for the user.

Hi Daniel -

In Grasshopper in Rhino 7, you can insert parameters that make it possible to run a Grasshopper definition from the Rhino command line. In addition to that, the Rhino 7 Script Compiler can then be used to turn that definition into a Rhino plug-in so that you always have your custom command right in Rhino.

For a longish thread about this feature, see:


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Fantastic, this “GrasshopperPlaya” is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

The video above is 7 months old though, trying to find some more recent updadates…

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Haven’t really found much information about it, but it looked really interesting. If you have any link to further read up on it please share