Tip : mouse view rotation

After using Rhino for very long time, I have discovered something I had no clue about. Can’t find it documented in Help file either, but may as well be obvious for everyone. Posting just in case:

In Perspective Vports:

  • RMB-drag rotates the camera around camera target.
  • Ctrl+Shift_RMB-drag rotates the camera around the cursor (just discovered…no need to move target/refocus with zoom anymore).

I can’t believe I missed that all these years.



Alright…here was I thinking I’d seen it all.

Thanks for sharing

It’s true! I’m guessing Mikko made this happen, and I probably even tested it at some point in the dim past…

I’ll make a bug track item to make sure this gets into Help.


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As I can’t seem to get the rotation fulcrum to stick for more than a few seconds when I use Zoom Target and Zoom Object these days, that’s a very handy little trick :slightly_smiling:

I think Windows rhino has a preference which adjusts the target depending on the view(?)…
maybe you have this option turned on?

This one!

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Me neither :slightly_smiling: I don’t remember ever using this key combination (I might have, but I don’t remember). Great find! Thanks!
It works on the Mac also with Cmd+Shift + RMB drag :smile: Great!


On my PC, that setting seems to have little or no effect any longer. My preference has always been to leave it unchecked, as once I select an object or rotation centre-point, I want Rhino to hold on to it with a vice-like grip, until I either delete the object or move the fulcrum. That’s what Rhino always used to do for me, but on my PC installation at least, it’s no longer the case.

I’m upgrading the PC shortly and will be doing a fresh install, so I’ll see if that sorts the problem.

Just found another ‘hidden’ feature (at least I could not see it anywhere documented):

when changing Lens dynamically with Shift+Ctrl+Alt+RMB-drag, if the cursor is close to the left or right edge of the viewport, lens is changing in 5 mm increments. Smooth change when the cursor is closer to center.


Who knew?

Thanks Jarek!