Tiny tiny icons with VRay frame buffer

I just installed a fresh copy of Rhino 6 and VRay latest onto a new windows machine. The frame buffer icons on top and bottom of the window are tiiiinnny. How to make them normal size.

System environment options should help. I hope my german screenshot helps to show what I mean:

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So I have navigated to system variables and it looks similar to your screenshot. However I do not see Vray VFB. I opened up VRay VFB and that had no affect. Any ideas?

You need to add this parameter by yourself.

I found the post where I got the info:

Got it thanks!!!


Key info from linked forum in case that expires somehow. You will have to restart Rhino / vRay for changes to take effect (no surprise here). Works brilliantly!

Based on your screenshot, I assume you are using a 4K dispaly. The current VFB design was not originally designed with such resolutions in mind.
This can be amended by creating a system environment variable used to scale its interface. The " Environmental Variables " options are available through the ’ Advanced system settings ’ window (or simply type in “Environmental Variables” in the Windows Start menu).
Create a new one called VRAY_VFB_UI_SCALE and try a value of 2 or 3.

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English version screen shot. Sorry for the camera photo, using two different systems here.