Timeout for license checkout?

I observed a weird situation with what I think is a licensing checkout problem yesterday.
Yesterday I had “wifi connection” but no internet due to quota limitations at my institute.
I’m not sure how my institute controls the network, but on my computer, it show wifi as connected with internet access, while in reality I’m only connected to the institute wifi without internet connectivity

When I tried to launch Rhino while connected to the institute wifi, it won’t launch, doesn’t even show the splash screen, but the process is present in task manager. Waited a good 5 min.
Then the second I turn off wifi, Rhino starts up normally.

I’m currently using a personal edu license in cloud zoo.
I think what happened was that Rhino thinks I have internet connection so it try to retrieve/validate my license with the zoo, but due to over-quota, I had no internet connectivity, and Rhino was just waiting.
Then the second I turn of wifi, Rhino sees that I have no internet so it switched to my offline checked out license?

I’m not familiar with the checkout process of Rhino, but if this is the case, can a timeout be added? so Rhino doesn’t just wait.