Time Frame for Learing Grasshopper for Visual Arq

I’d like to estimate how much time (let’s say a range, something like “between 12 hours and 3 weeks” or “2 months to 6 months of 8 hour days”) to develop a Grasshopper skill set suitable to create parametrically-adjustable environments in 1) modern, 2) historical environments in a professional Interior Design context. I can’t tell if this is something that takes a few days, a week or a year. (I’m interested in applying this to free-form environments also, but that seems more like a general question as Va is more a tool for more typical architectural components. This may also apply to freeer-form elements in historicism like complex decorative elements. So I have a question on the Rhino forum for that side of things.)

I’m extremely experienced in Interior Design and Architecture, and have a good working knowledge of Rhino and Visual Arq.

I welcome any particular tutorial links (though I think I’ve tracked down most of them) but what I really need to know is how much time to set aside to become good at this.

I benefited a lot from the book ‘AAD_Algorithms aided design’ by Arturo Tedeschi. But I like to learn from a book.
Unfortunately I didn’t track the time I spent on it, I think a couple of months a couple of hours per week.

It starts with the basics, lists, trees etc. and builds from that. You will need that for VA too. As soon as you want to create your own grasshopper window-style for example, you need plain grasshopper first.

Thanks, Mark. I am assuming “plain grasshopper” means coding in a grasshopper programming language.

@djhg, I can’t tell how long it takes to learn Grasshopper, since it depends how deep you want to go. But once you learn the basics, learning how to work with the VisualARQ components is not difficult. You can find some simple exercises here: https://www.visualarq.com/features/grasshopper/exercises/

Here you have also a tutorial for creating a VisualARQ object from a GH definition: https://www.visualarq.com/features/grasshopper/grasshopper-styles-help/

Thanks Francesc