Time delay using volume and area commands on a nurbs Vs mesh

I notice a big time delay in using the volume and area commands on a nurbs model vs a mesh of the same model. The nurbs version takes much more time to finish the command than the mesh does. I guess this is expected but for me it’s a big time difference for large polygon count models.

My model contains both nurbs surfaces and nurbs surfaces made from heightfields which makes for a dense model, if I mesh the model the volume and area commands complete much faster on the mesh. The mesh in this case however also has a large polygon count.

Hi Roland,

Any chance we can see a file with both NURBS and Mesh versions in it? I am not seeing a time difference here in testing so I suspect it’s something file specific. It might also just be that the algorithm is more involved with NURBS and I’ll need a case that shows the time difference to run by the developers to find out. Please email Tech@McNeel.com or send large files through www.Rhino3D.com/Upload . Reference my name and I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks for the report.

Hi Brian,
I’ll send you the file latter this week.