Tiling Geometry Grasshopper

I am new to Rhino and Grasshopper and have been assigned to make a geometric tile and want to achieve something similar to the shape and patterns I posted above using grasshopper.

Any help will be appreciated thanks.

The color scheme is up to you.

tiling_2019Nov11a.gh (19.8 KB)

Thank you this is very helpful!

What is the command for the 0.50?

‘Curve | Analysis | Point On Curve’. Hold CTRL-ALT and mouse down on any component to see where it came from.

Here’s a simplistic variant of the ‘Colorful’ cluster, adding Jitter:

tiling_2019Nov11b.gh (21.8 KB)

P.S. Looking more closely, I see I missed a detail. All the vertical lines in your image are missing the gap that appears on the horizontal and angled lines.

Thank you for that info and yes the vertical lines are missing the gaps, do you mind showing me?

I took a look but don’t see a quick fix, sorry. For one thing, the base plane needs to be rotated 90 degrees to get the horizontal lines/gaps before trying to suppress the vertical gaps: