Tiles on polysurface

Hey! How would you scatter the red tiles on the blue block? I would like them to have them trimmed on the edges… (I’m a noob with GH)

Hi @clacortese pls share a file whenever possible.
As for your question, do you want to do it with Rhino or with Grasshopper?

Hello, I’m a beginner with GH, and I would say that just Rhino would be the best.
But also GH is fine of course…

TEST.3dm (236.2 KB)
here the file!

Hi @clacortese

for this you would typically use ‘RemapCplane’, that is, if your surfaces are flat… Most of the surfaces in that model have a bit of twist, which I suspect is unintentional. See if you can fix that. I’ve made an example on a surface that is not completely but fairly flat. (If you _Explode the model and _SelPlanarSrf, you can see which surfaces are flat, there aren’t many)

Attached is a model (I moved the objects to world 0,0,0 for convenience) that illustrates the process.

Model your tiles on the World XY plane
Make a CPlane (by 3 point) on the target surface
Then use _RemapCplane with copy=yes
I hope this helps. Look in the help files for further explanation of the used commands.

remap_cplane.3dm (613.4 KB)

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Thanks Gijs, that seems already great!
How would you then trim the edges of the panels?

The model is still sketchy and yes, they should be all planar surfaces…

On the adjacent surfaces, you can construct boxes that flow over the edges, which you can then use to cut the tiles (With _BooleanDifference), But here also: it is important to start with flat surfaces first.

Thank you!!

Hello Gijs, I’ve stumbled upon Lunchbox which seems to be more efficient for this kind of project, do you know how to approach it in order to replicate these kind of shingles?