Tiled display elements on -ViewCapture

Hi All,

Sometimes I draw elements oriented to the viewport, like so:

        // get viewport plane
        Plane plane;
        Viewport.GetFrustumNearPlane(out plane);

        // near corners
        Point3d[] near = args.Viewport.GetNearRect();

        // get sizes at this location
        double pixPerUnit;
        Viewport.GetWorldToScreenScale(near[0], out pixPerUnit);

        // draw circle in middle of viewport
        Vector3d diag = near[3] - near[0];
        plane.Origin = near[0] + 0.5 * diag;
        Circle c = new Circle(plane, 50.0 / pixPerUnit);
        Display.DrawCircle(c, Color.Black);

This works fine in the UI, but on -ViewCapture commands, where the scale is greater than 1 or the capture dimensions are much larger than the viewport itself, the element gets drawn more than once, in a tiled pattern.

Is there a way to catch these occurrences and force correct compositing?



Hi Jon,
Not currently; I added an issue to our bugtracker to add this information to the DisplayPipeline class in RhinoCommon

Ok, thanks Steve.