TIF DTM to Mesh

Morning, as per title I’ve been trying with Bison and Heron to no avail. Not sure what I’m missing. Grateful for any input. Thanks in advance.
DTM_41-2-801-130.rar (12.9 MB)

Hi @Eugenio_Da_Rin ,
This DTM tif file appears to have a mask or pixels with no data which could be causing some issues. The latest version of Heron, however, should be able to handle it.

In this definition I used Heron’s Gdal Info component to get the coordinate system of the image and its center. Using these two pieces of data with the SetEAP and SRS components, I brought the topo in close to Rhino’s origin.

20240709_ImportDTMwithHeron.gh (24.5 KB)

(black areas shown with ImportRaster indicate the areas with no data)