Threefold ring - tips on how to model this?

I want to model this ring and what I thought is to draw some curves and extrude a shape along them, but believe this won’t really work. Is there any thing there that can help me achieve the model? How wouold you do it?
Thank you guys!

You can try Helix command. You will need to adjust sub-command in helix.

Scale curves using Gumbal and/or using line option in CageEdit to make it look right.

Draw a rectangular and Sweep 1. Finally mirror?

It looked delicious, so i´ve tried to cook it. Below is one possible recipe with example file:


_Circle, _Extrude, _Spiral, _Pull, _Rotate, _Intersect, _Split, _Sweep1, _DupBorder


Step 1:

  • Draw a _Circle, _Extrude it to a cylinder with a height roughly the width of your ring

Step 2:

  • Create a _Spiral around your circle using the _AroundCurve option
  • Use 3 turns, the start and end radius should be smaller the hight of the cylinder

Step 3:

  • Now _Pull the spiral curve to the cyclinder
  • Make a copy rotation of the result by 40° and 80°
  • Why? … 3 Turns of a spiral means one turn covers 120° of the circle
  • So the magenta curve covers 40°, first copy covers 80° and last copy covers 120°
  • A full circle is covered by 360° which is 3x120°

Step 4:

  • Find the elevation points (green X) and their MID points (red) on the magenta curve
  • Draw alternating lines along the cylinders surface normals (long/short/long/short…)

Step 5:

  • Use _Sweep1, the rail is the projected magenta curve, the sections are the short/long lines
  • From the resulting sweep surface, extract the border curve (green) using _DupBorder
  • create a profile perpendicular to this curve and use Sweep1 to create one “fold” of the ring
  • Note that you will need to make this _Sweep1 using _RoadlikeTop option

Step 6:

  • _Rotate / Copy the resulting fold 2 times, using the increments of 40° and 80°

the result might be served with silver and diamonds, depending on your taste.

Threefold_Ring_CG.3dm (465.1 KB)

Bon appétit



This is how I go about knot work and weaving. celtic knot ring