Three Way Blend


How should I go about blending these three circles?
I searched for these kind of blends a while back - but couldn’t find decent how-tos. Perhaps I’m searching using wrong terms.
Is there a resource you would recommend for learning more about these kinds of blends?

Thanks in advance.

Search the forum for “multiblend” and “setback”. Some posts will reference VSR which was a set of plug-ins for Rhino which are no longer available.

Will do!

There are some actual plugins specialized into these type of multi blend

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that unfortunately seems to be only available for Rhino for Windows.

@Emre_Bagdatoglu did you try Rhinos patch? that may be a fast and maybe even sufficient solution for this problem if you dont want to spend hours on getting the nurbs topology right and the quality is not a question of extreme precision. best is also to post the example you show as a 3dm file, that people can jump right in.

One approach is to continue making these blends to gradually close the gap, for example see this thread: