Three size of tiles in a grid


I´m trying to fill a grid with 3 different sizes of tiles. The tile width will be the same as the grids panel width, but the tile height can be either 0.5, 1.0 or 1,5 of the grids panel height. I want to control the grid size and the amount of the two largest tiles. X amount of the smallest tiles would fill in the remaining grid space. Location of the tiles on the grid would be random.

Hard to explain, attached is a picture of what I´m trying to achieve.

There might be a really easy solution to this, but I don´t really know how to continue after having the grid made. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

This could be a way.

Three size of tiles in a (12.6 KB)


You made my day. This looks exactly like what I have been trying to achieve. Now I’ll have a close look how you did it. Thanks!

Now exactly what you want, I made that some time ago, it was not so fast but worked.

And if you want not the same color touching an edge, you can use my nColor script

And for the record I forget this one I did some time ago. I had to change one line of code because it doesnt allowed having just one width ! (17.1 KB)

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Wow, thats a lot of scripts - will definitely have a look at these! Thanks!

Awesome Script @laurent_delrieu, i’m looking to do something similar but on a 3-dimensional surface. I’ve trawled through a fair few threads on here but all of them seem to be setup from a base grid, the closest thing i’ve found is this old example:

i’ve tried my best to update it with new components but doesn’t seem to give me a clean result (too many surfaces) Uneven Subdivision_Co-de-iT_GH08004 (36.9 KB)

This random tiling is the result i’m looking to achieve:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

If you have a surface parameterized with UV [0, 1] there is no problem to use my script.


works like a charm, Thank you!