Three cartridges with different materials

After a long time of being jobless and wishing for a project on a freelancing website, 8 months ago, somebody offered me one dollar and five pence to design these three cartridges in 3D for him, and I accepted immediately! He also sent me a so small and unclear picture as a pattern!

The fourth extra cartridges (chromium one) is that I made by myself, as an advertisement for my work for next time but I never met him again!


Thank you so much for the notification, sir

I corrected the word.

Hello everyone and Happy New Year. Did a similar job 11 years ago. Rhino, KeyShot.

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Rhino 6 and Vray 3.

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Hello, Andrew

Nice work, 11 years ago!

It seems its bullet tip is from steel for influencing armored things. In my project, the bullet is made separate ( with its accurate real form) from the cartridge chamber. it is fitted to the outlet of the cartridge.

Also, the thickness of the cartridge bottom and body is different and close to a real cartridge.

Has the cartridge you made integrated or do you make each part separately.?

Apparently, the detonator shows they are apart?

They are interesting, as well! :slight_smile:

Although, I haven’t seen such a cartridge yet. The diameter of the bullet and outlet of the cartridge is very different. I’m thinking, how the bullet is fixed in the cartridge while it needs a wall fitted with the bullet to hold that firmly and straight?

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