Thread split etiquette

When I see a thread that ought to be split, I’d like to prompt someone at McNeel to take a look, but I’d rather put it out as a notification for whoever at McNeel has a free moment (I know, it’s probably not a familiar concept within McNeel) rather than tag some specific individual who might already be busy saving the world (or just leaving on vacation). So is it ok to use the flag facility, or should that be kept for more heinous issues?

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If you ask me, it’s probably better to just reply that in the thread and mention “McNeel” so that the “offender” gets information about what is wrong. I see posts flagged all the time for being duplicates and the authors don’t get any information about what’s happening.

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Yes, I flag a lot of posts because of duplicates.

In addition to flagging, should I post in the topic too?

Yes, please. The people that get flagged don’t understand what’s going on and we get a lot more support issues…

OK, I mean I could just not worry about this problem at all and none of us would have anything to do. But, as a form of procrastination I like to solve some of the problems on this forum. In my apprenticeship as a survey draftsman many years ago I enjoyed cleaning up SQL databases :slight_smile:

Many topic titles could also be improved. Be it misspelling or just unclear what the problem is.

Another thing that would be really helpful is a reminder to all users to click the solution button once a problem is solved.


Hi @wim,

Does a mention of McNeel guarantee that the post will be read by one or more McNeelies then? Even if it is the 57th post in a long-running thread which was marked as solved back at post 6? (Not an impossible scenario for a thread that should be split).


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Hi Jeremy -

There are no guarantees, no. We try as hard as we can to go through everything that is posted here. Mentioning an individual will not necessarily work any better - most of us are drowning in those…

Yeah, that’s what I thought…