Thoughts/suggestions/answers? Quads, triangles, in a model

Everything I see and read says quads not triangles. However, it seem I have no control over this, e.g. the front of this shape. This started out as a SubD elipsoid. I duplicated/added matching longitudinal edges which resulted in the 6 sided faces in the front. I also subdivided 4 faces in the front. I think that’s when I got the triangles. Could this be modeled and be all quads? If so, where did I go wrong? Also, why does subdivde give curvy edges? shouldn’t it just divide the quad face into more quad faces?

Two weeks shut in, videos, tutorials, and I’m still not getting far.

Ship_Volume.3dm (227.2 KB)

flip to box mode (tab key) and all will be revealed. Messy box mode= messy smooth mode.

add or extend edges to control your shape better-

post this model?

Thanks. That is what I was thinking, but I could not figure out if those could be extended or added, and which tool to use to use to do it. I could only find _InsertEdge, and _SlideEdge (which currently errors as “Unknown command”). “Extend” does not seem to work in SubD.

insert an edge anywhere and then stitch the ends of the edges together to make the right flow-


I did edits but it did not come out like that. I really needed to see it. Thanks. Will go at it again.

I cannot stress this enough… make your edits in box mode. Fix your box mode and your smooth mode will take care of itself. If your box mode is a mess, your smooth mode has no chance.

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