This website is not whitelisted ERROR... Can anyone help us with this?

I’ve been following the steps on How to embed a ShapeDiver model for API usage, and encounter this issue.

javascript file deployed at:

website deployed at:

if I open the chrome console I see the error:
“This website is not whitelisted”
but I added that domain to the whitelist.

Again in the console I see the error:
“Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()”

for the resource:

But I see the ticket used is the right one.

I think you need to add modelViewUrl: 'eu-central-1' in your viewerSettings object. If you don’t specify it, the API will try to use the legacy US server, but your account is setup on the new one.

Thanks a lot for this Mathieu it works fine now.

Can I ask you another question.

I’m trying to make the object rotate or a camera spinning around it.

I was trying to use a timer on the grasshopper script but this is not supported by shape diver.

Is there any way I can define a camera path and spin around the object?

thanks a lot in advance



@eminsua you can make your camera rotate around the object by using the “Auto Rotation” parameter in the viewer settings in the camera section.