This T piece will not FilletEdge


How should one filletEdge this item 0.02inch
I do as seen, finally the upright to base joint line, and get an untrimmed result yet I chose trimmed, thats the first time its even done the fillet, so far the fillet has failed !
I had selected the edges without chain, and it failed, this last one was with chain.
as you can see its not with rounded edges. they are there but the old edge is also there.
Lug filletEdge 0.02inch fail.3dm (221.5 KB)


fails in v7 too, but you can do it somewhat in two steps:

Lug filletEdge 0.02inch sg.3dm (821.2 KB)

btw: I noticed a possible unintentional kink:

Interestingly, after fixing that kink, with a 1 inch radius, then FilletEdgeOld gives an almost correct result:

except for this small hole here:

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Hi Steve,

It seems to work here on Rhino 6, after lowering the tolerance to 0.0001.

Lug filletEdge 0.02inch ok.3dm (571.4 KB)


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I see you filleted the whole part. In that case V7 has no issues at the tolerance the file was posted in

Ah, OK.
Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:

Then I think that it would be pretty hard for Rhino to guess how to fillet that tricky point automatically … :confused:

and not only for Rhino, look what SW makes of it:

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Hi, not sure where the kink is, how do I find that ? Annoying as its such a simple shape, I have been so careful.
GlobalEdgeContinuity beta, not aware of that panel, is it a V5 one ? does it show the offender in red ?
I dont have FilletEdgeOld.

Emilio, thats beautiful, so if I had tolerance set to .0001 (and I just go with the offered values by McNeel in these things assuming all is good), then if I had selected all the edges and the upright to base joint, I would have got what you post as a result ?

But where is this tolerance setting to be found, I hit help and type tolerance and nothing obvious appears.

It looks great, so I will try for that, if I know where tolerance is to be found, thanks for posting result in V5 EXCELLENT, so I can get on with the job, should mine still fail or tolerance is not found.

but then I am troubled reading of what you and Gijs then say, is it tricky, not possible ? item I have looks ok to me.


Look under document settings.—-Mark

in v5, two ways:

  • zebra
  • GCon (on the edges)

It’s a plugin I wrote myself, available for V7 (and most likely I will eventually make it V6 compatible)

yes you do, just type it out fully

hello, can I test the FilletEdgeOld?

as I said

As Gijs pointed out, filleting any edge there is easier for Rhino ( and generally ),
since there would be nothing really difficult.

Filleting only the edges that you showed is harder, particularly in this point:

I guess Rhino doesn’t know what do to there …
Actually you can fillet that point in a few different ways.
Gijs’ solution is a good one.
SW’s solution (look at the picture poster by Gijs) may not be what you need …

You might need to use FilletSrf there, that is, working with surfaces.

As Mark told you, you have to look into Options / DocumentProperties

But it turns out that the tolerance is not the problem here, I was wrong about that.
The problem seems to be that difficult corner where you have to fillet 2 edges only out of three.