This mesh disappears when blocked

Check the attached file. When I block the mesh inside it, it disappears, I get an invisible block.

Maybe you can reproduce…

Hi Bogdan - here too - thanks. For now, RebuildMesh before blocking seems to sort it out… don’t know why, yet.

@Bogdan_Chipara - it looks like block display does not like the fact that the mesh has vertex colors. We’ll fix it…
Hm no that is not the whole story at least… still poking…



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RH-40675 should be fixed in the latest WIP. Please give it a try.

I opened the rhino file where I had the mesh and tried to block it. It disappears.

I imported the mesh in a new file and blocked it. It works fine. <-take this back. once i switch from wireframe to shaded, It disappears.

Tried to copy-paste the mesh from the rhino file where I had it, to a new file and block it. It disappears.

(6.0.17234.9201, 8/22/2017)

Yep, same here - looks like it broke again.
Thanks, sorry… the item has been re-opened.

Ok, let’s give this a try again. RH-40675 should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP. Please give it a try (again!)


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Fixed! Great!