This Dir? visual bug exists for a year or so still

It only applies to open extrusions.
To reproduce it:

  1. Draw a line and ExtrudeCrv it.
  2. Run Dir command.
  3. Click on the surface to flip its face direction AND reverse U or V or both.
    Note the face and backside colors did not flip. Now backside has face color and face, backside color.
    "Flip"ping it twice, “refreshes” it.

Does it work correctly in the WIP?

No problem in WIP. But we’re still on R5 and it’s very annoying to deal with. What sucks is that this bug was introduced “fairly recently”. I’m hoping for a quick fix.

There will be no more V5 service releases.
As far as I can tell, it is working correctly in V5 SR13 and in the current V6 WIP builds.

We can’t use WIP 'cause R5 blocks still do not translate to WIP properly - they are invisible. And to rebuild the library…

Hi Hunam - my quick test here works as expected:

Insert a dxf file as a linked block in V5, save, and open the resulting file in V6/WIP - the block looks correct here. Is that a reasonable test for what you are seeing?


Opened template file is R5.

Making blocks in it with R6 objects turns them invisible.

Hm. I cannot repeat this so far… can you send me the resulting file please? thanks…



I’m pretty sure there are bug reports for that for V6.
Just to be sure, can you send a simplified example and steps to follow to illustrate the issue?
I’ll be sure to get it on the developer’s list.

Open any R5 file in WIP.
Create some objects.
Select them and run Block command to make a Block.
They disappear visually.
Still selectable. Become visible again when Exploded.

Pascal has my R5 file if you need it.

I just now tried it in V6 and it works fine.
I opened a V5 file with a polysurface in it in V6.
Block, insert, now I have a visible block instance in V6.

Try the next public WIP that should go out this evening.

Hi Hunam - thanks -

I see that the block in your file is not visible - but I can make new blocks and it works as expected. Still poking…

Aha - text disappears. Curves not, so far.

Yep, V5 does not come into it - any block containing V6 text (V5 text gets converted) disappears in layout space.