Things i would love to see in rhino but probably wont

so i was thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if Rhino had placeable tool bars, so that when you clicked a button in a tab with a linked tool bar you could choose where that tool bar appeared, at the moment it appears next to the host button, on from that tool bar grouping would be unique as far as i am aware, tool bar grouping would allow much more complex set ups to be created, so you could be working on a model and have several custom tool bars rather than on larger static one, if a the same button could have a command like !_ToolGroupOff could be initiated different tool bar set ups could accessed far easier than is the case now, colour grouping for tool bars would be incredibly useful as well, to have all your solid tool bars in say green , your mesh tool bars in blue surface tool bars in orange and curves tool bars in slate blue, would be visually helpful.
the other thing i was thing was how nice it would be to have vector graphics icon editor, but like i said in the title ‘would love to see but probably wont’ nice to dream though.