Things disappear when I zoom in closer

When ever I go close to model things get disappear when I zoom in. at time no control on the rotation

Hi - without more information, it’s not possible to say if this is normal behavior or if there’s something wrong somewhere. Please post a 3dm file, your Rhino SystemInfo data, and screenshots that show what is happening.

This phenomenon is called “clipping plane” and usually occurs when the viewport camera is very close to an object while its center of rotation is far behind. To reduce the clipping plane effect you may try the “Zoom target” and “Zoom window” commands.

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Thank you for the solution.

Thank you for the reply my problem solve by zoom target

is it really called clipping plane? i thought just clipping? since Rhino has clipping planes which serve a different function. some apps call it front and back clipping since it can happen on both sides, they also permit to set the distances which you can not in Rhino.

It’s a funny coincidence of names. :slight_smile: Yes, it’s called clipping or clipping plane in most 3d modeling programs since decades. It’s the plane perpendicular to the view that clips (cuts) the geometry. 3DS Max even lets you set minimum and maximum distance to hide the geometry before and after these distances. However, that clipping plane is always perpendicular to the camera and the cut geometry can’t be seen from a different angle. Rhino’s clipping plane is an intentional visual cut of the geometry, but what makes is different (and a lot more usable) is the fact that it’s not dependent to the position of the camera.

It is camera clipping due to clip start and clip end. If it is anything not Raytraced you should have very tiny clip start and very huge clip end. maybe a screen recording of what you are seeing would be useful, along with the requested _SystemInfo Rhino command result.

I have experienced what might be a similar problem.
I open a Rhino file, which I know has a model of a large boat in it. But the screen is blank.
I do a Zoom Extents, and the boat model show up front and center on the screen. Then it starts to fade into the distance, and dissappears. It happens very quickly.
I have been using a 3DConnexion 3d mouse. As soon as I disconnected that mouse, the problem went away. I reconnected the 3d mouse, and it was still fine. Something about the 3d mouse, which I always use, but this was the first time I had that problem.

Your problem is different from what this topic is about.

Your issue sounds more like [BUG] 3D Mouse Camera Tumble. I suggest you follow these instructions [BUG] 3D Mouse Camera Tumble - #10 by Markus and participate in that thread.