Thickness to complex surface

I have a complex surface that I am trying to give a thickness of 5in. When I offset the surface in either direction I run into problems with gaps or intersections that don’t meet. The far left is the base surface and the far left is close to what I want but would prefer a corner instead of a fillet. Any help would be appreciated!

Hello- please post a file.


Complex Surface.3dm (347.1 KB)

Hello- this is what I get if Solid=Yes and Corners=Sharp:

This is the correct answer for an offset, but I understand it is not what you want - there is some cleanup to do. Probably something like this -

Complex Surface_CleanUp.3dm (204.7 KB)

You will see that the edges are not 100% normal to the faces in all locations - that is the compromise.

If you can live with a small fillet between the original two faces, the cleanup will be done automatically.


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