Thickness analysis of Pelvis

Hi Guys.
I have developed a script designed for measuring the thickness of the pelvis(Or other mesh), specifically tailored for surgical applications. The purpose of this script is to assist surgeons in identifying optimal locations for drilling during procedures.
One C# script was written by someone here in discourse. Thanks to him.
I would be honored if you help me to improve this script.

Thank you

mesh (4.2 MB)

Can not open

me I can open it. What I understand is that each face is colored with the distance. I don’t think it is the best way to do that as it generate a lots of meshes. It is possible to have a single mesh with each face with a color.
here an example where the color is on vertex. I move each vertex inside in order to not have intersection with itself.

mesh distance (10.9 KB)

It is also possible to smooth the values according to the neighbours. I have a tool to do that in Nautilus, it smooth the weights
Smooth Weights On Mesh

"Laplacian Smoothing of weights associated to vertices of a mesh, this algorithm uses Rodolphe Vaillant and @DanielPiker tools

Here with 10 steps

Surely a bit too much here


Your code is better.
Thank you. I have in my python code replacing 0 and null by closest neighbor number. And some smoothing for numbers in list.
Thank you.