Thickness Analyses doesn't really work

The Thickness Analyses does not work here.

  1. command open the dialog
  2. After selecting an object the command window opens
  3. but it does not allow the Min value to be modified.
  4. trying with the default values: the command run until it gives up at 2%. that happens on a mesh
    5)trying it on a simple NURBS object simply crushed rhino.
  • I’m told that the command does work on Windows, but that it’s buggy and tends to fail.

Having a good thickness analyses can be crucial when the goal is 3D printing.
Especially for organic forms jewellery where one has to try and minimise the volume in order to save on gold costs [@ nearly 50$/gram that’s really important]
PS. see also in here: Is there a way to analyse a [dens] mesh for 3D printing compatibility?

Thanks a lot

Just to add that it doesn’t work also on V6 [latest release candidate]
it just hangs forever and freeze everything else.

thank a lot

Is this freezing only on one object in a file, or generally?
It’s not a command I’ve ever used but if I can narrow it down to a specific file or situation, I can get a defect report filed to fix it.

In my little test cases here, it seems to work fine.

Thank you
It failed on a very simple NURBS object as well

But in practice, such a command is needed for rather more complex organic objects where taking measurements of flat surfaces is not a valid option.

Here’s object Description on which I very much needed this command to work.
a mildly dens mesh

ID: bfc3946b-9bbb-41cb-8997-af62c4761a5b (11)
Object name: (not named)
Layer name: 10%Decimate
Render Material:
source = from layer
index = -1

Valid mesh.
Closed double precision polygon mesh: 1057020 vertices, 1971784 faces
Bounding box: (1.25612e-06,2.4851e-07,3.96466e-08) to (19.9285,20.1386,16.6653)

the mesh takes about 20 -30 second to analyse in a different software [with my same old MBP]. so this mesh is not the problem here AFAICT
thanks a lot

Sorry, I guess I wasn’t clear.

  • I do not use this command so you may need to coach me a bit.
  • I need a simple example file from you that fails.
  • I need you to describe the specifics of that failure if it’s not readily apparent.


Here is a simple test mesh
A scan of a statue that was kindly shared on this Forum a couple of years ago. (14.4 MB)

on my machine.

  1. it won’t let me adjust the values.
  2. then it tries for a few minuets and either crush or just gives up
  3. in command history I can see it managed to do 30%…
    [better then then my bigger files where it only managed 2%]

thanks a lot

Thanks for the model and description.
I am seeing problems too.
It works in Window V6.

You can follow it here:

Thank you John
I’d just would like to again emphasise that this functionality is crucial for before sending an organic shaped jewellery object to print! too thin areas and the gold cast is lost to costly refinement.
thicker than what is necessary result in expensive extra weight in gold.

*by the way I had a look at the youtrack listing, and I’m surprise it took so long to analyse in Windows, in my other software I got this model analysed in 17 seconds. [using a 2013 MBP] so it would appear the tool is perhaps in want of some tuning/optimisation in addition to fixing it on the Mac.

thanks and best regards

Depending on your Mac, there are some faster than others.
My little 13" MBP only has an Intel chip on it so I don’t expect it to be fast.
Rhino uses the “analysis mesh” for this tool.

Your source mesh is damaged.
Run the MeshRepair command on it and you’ll see the problems.
When I tested your file in Windows, I eliminated the serious problems with the mesh first.

We’ll see what the developer has to say when he comes up for air.

The mesh is not mine, rather a scan of a classic statue shared on this form in the past. it was posted as an example file here as it was, without me modifying it.
in case it comes helpful, I Quadremeshed a cleaned version (14.4 MB)
Thanks a lot