Thickening - Solid - Both Sides Bug

I need Thickening for a surface with decorative cut.
Single sided works with both negative and positive values for Distance.

But with both sides on, it creates a horror:

I attached the file.
240510 Thickening Both Sides Bug.3dm (972.2 KB)

Please have a look. I need lite solution for this because all the project has a few thausands of these surfaces.

Thank you!

If you rebuild the surface it will work, I believe the base surface is then much simpler for the mesher to work with:
for example (but v count can probably be lower:


Nice, but I have 350 of them in one module and 100 modules in total…
What to do?

Do they all have the same surface structure? Rebuild should work also if select multiple surfaces at once. If they don’t have the same structure a little script could help. If you want you can send me the file and I’ll have a look

btw, retrimming the surface also works, so this script of @pascal could maybe solve this issue:

Thanks for looking into this.
I sent one module, but the whole project has 100 of them and the decoration pattern changes from module to module.

I am wandering if something can be done still with the mesher, to work on “simple” surfaces.

yes I will certainly buggify this, because I cannot really pinpoint why if fails in the first place.
I looked at your file. Thickening on one side is also not working 100% of the time, and while the script above helps, it will not solve all of the issues. I will try to see if the rebuild solution will work.

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Thanks again!

neither rebuilding or only retrimming works on every object I’m afraid. but This seems to work:
(requires WeaverBird) (14.8 KB)

RH-81955 Mesh thicken spikes

Ok, good there’s a tracker for it. Hope it gets solved.

check again in 15 years :smiley:

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@ivan.galik let’s not be so negative :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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even so, our children’s children will benefit from better software :laughing: