Thickening multiple surfaces / mesh

sup sola.3dm (2.9 MB)

Hi I need to offset this complex surface (because they it is non-manifold i cant convert it to a polysurface) I did it with mesh but the result is wayy to complex and not accurate

meshsolo3.3dm (16.7 MB)

help please

Hi Isabel,
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Please, read this post: How to ask effective questions
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I think there are similar posts in the forum, have you searched for them?
What you tried so far? Have you achieved something?
Is that a repetitive module/element? A 3d voronoi?
Maybe it would be useful to thicken the single module; an offset inside every bubble/cavity, and then shaping your structure.
(Now there are a lot of small surfaces/holes/edges that make hard to work on it, or even the circular trimming)

This is just an idea.

because they it is non-manifold i cant convert it to a polysurface

You answered your own question. At the end of the day Rhino is not magic or a mind reader. It and its commands are only as good as the model it has to work with. The solution, find a better way to make the base geometry so Rhino can better know what to do with it.


its a stucture generated by the bull ant wearie phellan

here is a possible solution,
without converting to mesh

thanks for answering (23.1 KB)
sup sola con espesor.3dm (15.7 MB)