Thicken polysurface for 3d print

Column with algae.3dm (15.5 MB)

Hi, does anyone know how I can thicken this model so I can 3d printed with resin or powder print? I need at least 1mm of thickness to the inside but cant make it work

I think the file didn’t save correctly, here it goes againColumn with algae.3dm (15.5 MB)

Hello- in theory you should be able to Join all of these parts into one and with a bit of luck, OffsetSrf. However, you file tolerance is 1 unit which makes a mess of joining as the edges are less than one unit apart - if you set the tolerance to .01, there is a chance it could work but if all the parts are made a 1 unit tolerance, there could be problems.

See - Understanding Tolerances [McNeel Wiki]


Thanks Pascal, yeah I tried Joining the geometry and then trying to offesetsrf with diferrent tolerances but doesn’t work

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Hello - the thing would likely all be simpler to deal with if the larger square section tubey thing were made of four surfaces instead of a zillion little diamond shapes joined - like so -

Is that allowed?
The green things could also probably be simplified in structure, I’ll take a look.