Thick lines in V6 6.4.18

Not the best way to show issue but it is all I had.


I have noticed this too. It occurs when zoomed in extremely closely though so it hasn’t effected me working yet.
Just assumed it was a graphics restriction of some kind.

Am using the same version.

I’ve noticed this more often now, as I’m working in close detail on a 15m long project.

I have the latest graphics card driver but it still occurs, this is a line intersecting a surface edge…

Using the latest RC of R6 - 6.4.18107

Any thoughts on what this might be?


Do you have PrintDisplay enabled?

No, print display disabled.

Can you post a sample file so that we can see if it also happens on other systems? --Mitch

Just trying to recreate it in R6 but it seems ok with new geometry at the minute.

Could it be just with the surfaces created in R5 but now being used in R6?

I’ve extracted one surface from the model and also created a new one. The blue line is 0.1mm long but zoomed in on the edge and I see this:

The file should open like this.
Test Surface Edge.3dm (447.2 KB)

Yeah, I see that - only when REALLY zoomed in… This probably has something to do with the new display code… @steve

yeah - ‘distance to target’ is .03 … but, I suppose it should not do this. I’ll put it on the heap - thanks all. Parallel projection works - I generally switch to parallel if I need to work super zoomed in anyway, but I have not noticed this problem before…


Thanks both. Yes it is very zoomed in, but even at ~2mm to target I see this:

This is a blue line on a grey surface edge. All created in R6.