Thick lines in Brian's video

I was watching Brian’s video modeling a scroll. When the video first starts up Brian draws a circle to start off. When this circle is drawn the line of the circle is very dark.

Also in the video modeling a graduation ring the majority of the lines drawn are much thicker than I get in my drawings.

As my eyes are approaching seventy years it would be wonderful if I get the answer as to how I make my lines thicker. I assure you that I have looked more than a few times in my options and have yet to find where I make these changes.

Thank you in advance.

All my best … Danny

Hi Danny,

This control is part of the individual display modes like so…

I was so close it is crazy. Yesterday I found these settings and changed only one item when I drew a circle seemed nothing changed so that is why I posted this today.

These old eyes are much happier.

Thank you
All my best … Danny