Thermal & Structural performance of Steel Studs

Hi All,

I am trying to run a series of FEA for the structural performance of a steel C-Channel Stud. The aim of this exercise is to investigate the thermal conductance by introducing different patterns of perforations in the stud’s web. The reason for these slits/perforations is to reduce the thermal mass of the sections and hence reduces heat flow. These perfroations would compromise the structural behavior, especially during buckling stress.

I am trying to use Karamba for this exercise, but I need to know if I can check the thermal conductance of the steel studs when it is placed between two different temperatures (outside / inside) during a specific time. Similarly, if I can link the structural performance to the thermal behavior and run one parametric check that can give the best optimal section.

Hi @yazeed.abdulmalek,
in Karamba3D you can specify temperature changes and temperature gradient changes on cross sections. These will result in thermal strains and may influence the buckling behavior if restrained.
For calculating the temperature distribution in the material you need to use a different tool though - e.g. Elmer.
– Clemens