There is no more "Materials" into Rhino 7 under Windows 11


There is no more “Materials” into Rhino 7 under Windows 11
Even with the Release Candidate 7.14.
If you type “_Materials” command, nothing appears :frowning:

Hi Philippe -
Have you checked that the RDK plug-ins are both enabled and loaded in the plug-in manager?

Did you validate the latest rhino 7 on Windows 11?
This is what customers now have on their new machines, especially DELL.

Please do.

I’m not sure what “validate” means in this context.

Just installed a new Win 11 machine here (HP), not in front of it at the moment, but will check in a bit. Win11 is still very buggy IMO (based on my experience with it over the past few weeks), I would avoid it if possible…

I’m not sure what “validate” means in this context.

For example, to check if all the tools are available.
On your web site, it is writing it works with Windows 11.

Of course there’s no way to actually ‘verify’ that in any comprehensive way, Rhino is used on too wide a variety of systems. Win11 is basically a glorified service pack, so it should work.

This is the first anyone’s heard of this, and you’re probably not the first person to try Win11. I might try doing a ‘repair’ on the Rhino install if features are suddenly missing.

I can confirm that on my Win 11 install, in English German or French, I have materials working correctly, either from the materials panel or from the libraries. My Windows is in English.

The question earlier to you was whether the Render Development Kit related plug-ins are loaded.

Sometimes, for still unknown reasons, some plug-ins don’t load. Generally loading them manually helps the process.

Thanks very much for your quick reply.
We appreciate your help.